Our mission is to improve the condition of the bowling industry and individual member profitability.

We will achieve this through affinity programs, education, communication, legislative initiatives and public awareness.


Bowling Proprietors Association of America

The Bowling Proprietors' Association of America is a prosperous and progressive association of more that 3300 member bowling centers. BPAA is driven forward by an entire membership, a group of dynamic and knowledgeable men and women who believe that unity, leadership and service are still the key to success. Through the best and worst of times the focus of BPAA has always been on leadership, service, and the future.

BPAA Membership gives the proprietor the strength to gain a fair share of their community's recreational and entertainment dollars in a very competitive market and gives them the means to operate a successful and reputable business

" It is the Vision of BPAA to make bowling centers the destination of choice for all."

" It is the Mission of BPAA to enhance the profitability of its members."

The Bowling Proprietors' Association of America, Inc. is a non-profit organization - the only one in the world that serves the specific, yet diverse, interest of bowling center owners. The far-sighted leaders who founded BPAA in 1932 would be proud of the strong future and bright outlook of this association. Through all the changes both within the association and the industry, one thing remains constant - leadership and service remains at the top of many BPAA membership benefits.


Our Members Enjoy these Benefits

  1. Conventions, Trade Exhibits & Meetings
  2. Educational Programs and Services
  3. Publications and Newsletters
  4. Insurance Programs
  5. Youth Tournament Programs
  6. Group Buying Services
  7. Music Licensing Discounts - (Pay 50% less)
  8. Pepsi-Cola Rebates -More than 4.5 million in rebates paid out each year